The color plates below are taken from Cyrus Thomas, “A Study of the Manuscript Troano” in Contribution to North American Ethnology, Volume V. In the late 19th. 11 Jun He claimed to have ancient documents describing the destruction of Mu of the Atlantis mystery after studying the Mayan Troano Codex in the. The Troano Codex is a manuscript of the late period of the Mayan civilization in Central America. It is actually part of a larger document known as Get premium .

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Previous to this date, however, inFather Jacobo de Testera, with four other missionaries, proceeded from Tabasco up the west coast to the neighborhood of the Bay of Campeachy. IVthen 13 Ix would be followed by 1 Cauac, the first year of the next cycle. If we examine Table III, showing the years of the cycle, we shall find as a matter of course that these years occur but once in the ddocument period. That such tables were used by them is troabo probable by the following quotation which Perez makes from an ancient manuscript in his possession: Before closing the discussion in reference to the dominical day of the first year of the Ahau, it is proper to call attention to what Cogulludo says on this point.

Professor de Rosny has collected many facts which throw a side light on the questions he discusses. A little careful study of this subject will suffice to convince any one at all acquainted with this calendar that by simply knowing the number and itUma of the last intercalated day of any year will documrnt sufficient to enable him to determine what year of the cycle vocument is If he dicument the key he can easily find it by the continued subtraction of 4, commencing with 1 3, adding ] 3 when the number to be subtracted from is 4 or less than 4.

There- fore the importance and authenticity of Landa’s alphabet are, I think, vin- dicated by this attempt to treat it as a “fabrication.

In the Perez manuscript translated by Stephens and published in his “Yucatan,” Vol. As there were twenty -four years in an Ahau, and six were yet wanting to complete that referred to in the quotation, it follows of neces- sity this 4 Kan was the 18th and that this Ahau must have commenced with the year 13 Cauac and ended with 10 Ix.

I find the work consists of two parts: Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Their language was pure Maya, and they had brought with them in their migration, as one of their greatest treasures, the sacred books which contained their ancient history, their calendar and ritual, and the prophecies of their future fate.


The Maya of Eternal Time – Reality Sandwich

The remaining 42 pages were originally known as the Cortesianus Codex, and include pages 1—21 and 57— I quote, as an example, a short prophecy attributed to Ahkul Chel, “priest of the idols.

That the series of years began with Cauac. These years are marked with a star and the group surrounded by a continuous dark line on the an- nexed table of years.

According to the arrangement of the numbers in the second divis- ion, those in this division would be 8, 6, 4, 2, 13, reading from left to right.

Brinton, of Philadelphia, for the valuable notice of the Maya Manuscripts which he has contributed as an introduction to my paper. Table XIV commences with a Cauac year, and is of the usual form, as heretofore given. I have therefore proceeded upon the assumption that they are added as dicument days, and hence interfere in no way with the regular order. I have followed other modern authors in calling this period a week, though dockment ap- troqno the Mayas gave it no name, nor in fact do they seem to have consid- ered it a period, but simply a method of numbering the days and years.

But Las Casas himself, in whose possession the documents were, here comes to our aid to refute this opinion.

The Maya year contained days and consisted of two unequal parts, as follows: We have here proof that the order when in lines is from the left to the right.

Troanno years were wanting to complete the Vdth Ahau. From this fact I infer that the red numerals are used here cocument designate the days or years of the Maya week, which, iis I have shown, consisted of thirteen days or years, especially in the computation of time in reference to religious feasts and ceremonies.

As a verb, pret. This gives us the following years: As these groups all fit into the Ahaues as I have divided them oflf, we have in this fact a strong presumption that our division is correct; still, it is proper to state here, as will be shown here- after, that all these periods will also fit into the Ahaues if the grand cycle is divided according to the theory advanced by Selior Perez. Anybody that has spent more than five minutes examining aspects of Mayan culture will notice that in the quoted text: Brinton xvii The graphic system and ancient records of the Mayas xvii 1.


Now, let us hunt out, by the use of our condensed calendar, the yeai-s on which these several dates fall. Broadcasting from a futuristic-looking set, Melchizedek says he received permission from Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez, the leader of the Mayan council of elders, to disseminate this material.

It unquestionably belongs to the Maya manu- scripts. Evidence of this should have been given by a table showing the series, and by still another table in which should be shown that such an alternating succession did not occur in cycles com- posed of twenty years.

Finally, in 1the whole was very admirably chromo-photographed by A. But after seriously considering this point, I concluded ft best to give to the world the result of my investigations with these explanations, as I felt confident I had made some progress in deciphering this mysterious Manuscript.

The Madrid Codex

As neither the year nor the day of the month is given, it is evident that we may find more than one day answering to this date, but let us hunt them out and see where they fall. By order of the Minister of Public In- struction ten photographic copies of this Codex, without reduction, were pre- pared for the use of scholars. Although Landa, when speaking of the facility with which they counted back docu,ent years, evidently alludes to the Ahaues, yet it is quite probable the socument Indian who traced back their history for three hundred years did so by the use of this key, unless he was a priest.

They were received amicably by the natives, and instructed them in the articles of the Christian faith. The results of my investigations are summed up at the close of this preface. I will now explain what I believe to have been the object and use of these number. It is not reasonable to suppose that this singular series was wholly an arbitrary selection; on the contrary, it is more than probable that it was obtained in some way through the use of the “13 series. The Codex Cortesianus gives the land its hieratical name only, while the Troano Manuscript gives both its hieratical and geographical names.

XVI, where the documenr transverse lines mark the divisions between the Ahaues as thus obtained. Landa arrived in the province in August,and died in April,having passed most of the intervening thirty years there in the discharge of his religious duties.