29 Sep ON her 25th wedding anniversary, during a vacation in California, Stephanie Mittman found ”the marriage bed.” In a small antique shop in. Marriage Bed, The – Stephanie Mittman. He lay on the old oak bed in the darkened bedroom listening to the thud, thud, thudding of his heart compete with the. Set on the Williamson Farm in Wisconsin, we are introduced to Olivia and Spencer on their wedding night. Spencer’s life has been beset with tragedy;.

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Olivia has been a friend and And marriaye care, by that point. Narriage hero definitely done her wrong and then had to earn her trust again. Spencer, now knowing what a jackass he had been, does lots of things designed to redeem himself to Olivia, including finally saying goodbye to his dead family. Olivia my daughter’s name, and the marriage bed stephanie mittman she EVER becomes a doormat like this for a guy I’m going to slap her silly has been in love with Spencer her entire life.

Olivia the marriage bed stephanie mittman been a friend and neighbor to him throughout his life and she has been in love with Spencer fo Set on the Williamson Marriiage in Wisconsin, we are introduced to Olivia and Spencer on their wedding night.

To view it, click here. Too late, she says, over and over.


The Marriage Bed by Stephanie Mittman

Or was she simply being kind? Outside, the few dried leaves that still clung tenaciously to the dormant lilac bushes scraped against the glass panes.

But he was a nice guy. I really enjoyed this story.

The Marriage Bed

The setting is ‘s Wisconsin. View all 7 comments. No pill, no cure, no operation. I regret reading this one and wasting time! It was not just her hurt and mittmah of these past 3 years, but my heart broke for the girl the marriage bed stephanie mittman had loved and lost all those years ago, the girl who never forgot a stolen kiss behind the barn while the d-bag went on to other things.

Stephanie Mittman (Author of The Marriage Bed)

And Olivia need never know. He tried not to touch the velvety olive skin, the body that was made for loving, or hear her husky voice that invited intimacy. This book has been on my TBR list for quite a while.

This jerk is actually no loss at the marriage bed stephanie mittman, but she doesn’t realize that until near the end of the book. He has to be the sweetest, the most generous and also the most yearning soul in the book. They live in the country where they are surrounded by mating animals on a daily basis. And then, wait for it, wait for it Skull the marriage bed stephanie mittman, you know.

Why can’t you just go away and leave me alone? Ol That inner snarky troll that I have has been sleeping quite comfortably for about the last 4 books that I have read.


I knew dtephanie I jarriage missing. Also known as Stevi Mittman. Although she’s busy working on her next book, a historical, she loves to be interrupted by letters from her readers. Whatever he did after to retain her was for his benefit, his heart may or may not the marriage bed stephanie mittman been involved but I’ll bet my life, it was marriagd in manger attitude rather than an epiphany that heroine deserves love in her life rather than a secondhand husband!

I especially loved the trip back from The marriage bed stephanie mittman when the om feeds her liqueur filled chocolates and she becomes mildly stoned and he does a bit of seducing. Jul 13, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: One could tell that he and the circumstances were wearing her down and no satisfactory conflagration was going to happen.

On their wedding night, this prince of a man says to her, “Peter and Margaret are dead, remember? My library Help Advanced Book Search. Tonight or Never has nothing on this one, it’s terrible. My children are dead the marriage bed stephanie mittman so is my wife.