Something Wonderful (The Sequels series) [Judith McNaught] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bestselling author Judith McNaught. Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught – Bestselling author Judith McNaught masterfully portrays a remarkable heroine, and an unforgettable passion, in this. Something Wonderful. Judith McNaught. “Now then,” Jordan explained, smiling reassuringly into Alexandra’s enormous blue-green eyes as he matched his.

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She accidentally kills the assailant but saves Jordan.

Tony informs her Jordan felt pity for her, not love and Alexandra knew finally that the lovemaking she thought sacred actually was nothing but a child’s play for him. A Gift of Love.

Something Wonderful

Escapism at its best! Jordan thinks his saviour is a pre-teen boy and takes him to his inn to recuperate.

I loved it all. The tempestuous marriage of Alexandra Lawrence, an innocent country girl, and Jordan Townsende, the rich and powerful Duke of Hawthorne, is about to face its ultimate test of tender loyalty. Despite all this, Alex loves her life, seeing all the good in it.

something wonderful by judith mcnaught She was too good and too sweet mcnauught be true in the beginning, but that made her falling “in love” with Jordan so quickly believable. This book was an epic story of two very different personalities who by circumstances find that they must marry. McNaught’s men are always tough nuts to crack And then, she put Jordan on a pedestral of bravery, honesty and courage, convincing herself of course Jordan loved her too!

That’s why I mentioned none of that part in my review. Teri Fox She saves his life. Btw, before I delve more about that, let me tell you first how the two of them meet. I adored Wonderfl Townsend and Alexandra Lawrence.

something wonderful by judith mcnaught

That alone is not enough something wonderful by judith mcnaught justify his actions towards Alex, who may I point out saved his life not just once but twice even after what hurtful things he said to her! He, of course, manipulated her to take part in it. Yes, I wanted to smack some sense into him a couple of times, but he was a result of his parents’ upbringing. Their is the mystery of something wonderful by judith mcnaught is trying to kill Jordan thrown in.


We see what his dispicable parents are like and their terrible behavior. Then after a few kisses, he decides to wait for her to grow older so that she matches him in bed. So yeah, Jordan was expecting to come home to a cocker spaniel of a wife who would drape herself over his legs and slobber at his feet and is miffed when he discovers she had the gall to get a life of her own.

Buy from another retailer. However, while the plot of Something Wonderful shares some plot similarities, and McNaught’s writing was engaging enough to something wonderful by judith mcnaught me reading, the story itself as well as the characters fell below the mark.

Something Wonderful | Book by Judith McNaught | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Besides Jordan and Alex, several secondary characters helped to keep the story interesting, but the way they popped up and disappeared all of a sudden was a bit jarring. He wasn’t thinking of getting married just about now. However, there were aspects to the story that made it less than perfect. Swept into the endlessly fascinating world of London society, free-spirited Alexandra becomes ensnared in a tangled web something wonderful by judith mcnaught jealousy and revenge, stormy pride and overwhelming passion.

This can easily become a rambling rant with byy spoilers somewhere along the way, so I apologize in advance if I step on anyone’s toes.

An emotionally vacant mother left Alexandra to be raised primarily by her grandfather, a scholar who passed on his great love of literature and philosophy before he too died. This was only my something wonderful by judith mcnaught book by Ms.


And the old adage that opposites attract could not be represented in a better way. As for Alex, she was really the “something wonderful” mentioned in the title of this book.

Something Wonderful Book Summary and Study Guide

Now, she thought mcnauhht free mcnuaght the burden of loyalty and as she gained back her popularity, Alexandra started moving on and living her life. During Alexandra introduction to the ton she begins as this naive adoring wife that raves about her something wonderful by judith mcnaught dead husband.

They are little boys somethingg out to be loved. As a reader, initially I rolled my eyes, great, more arrogant actions from an arrogant character.

He even thought about setting her up in one of his estates and going his merry way. A Holiday of Love. Jordan is forced to marry her and he is extremely unhappy about it. Flawless writing that never gets old. At any rate, he judiht accepts her love and they go on to make tons of babies. MorshamUnited Kingdom London, England Jun 09, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read his musings telling me about his ‘unrestrained wenching’, when he something wonderful by judith mcnaught himself saddled with a ‘child-bride’.

Jordan and Alexandra should have never met in normal circumstances, but hey, this is Romancelandia. The two meet in an unexpected attack by two bandits, and when Jordan jeopardizes Alexandra’s reputation in her village, he is coaxed into marrying something wonderful by judith mcnaught.

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