Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe. Selected speeches of Robert Sobukwe and a mini- biography. Compiled by. Sinethemba Sembene Mandyoli. SPEECHES OF MANGALISO ROBERT SOBUKWE [PAC Basic Documents]. 2 | Page to the special political police in Johannesburg who arrested Mr. Lawrence. 5 Dec Robert Sobukwe was born in Graaff-Reinet in the Cape Province on 5 December He became PAC Inaugural Speech, 6th April 3.

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This had a way of really disarming them.

Remembering Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: 7 Quotes

Leaders rboert Mandela had a “cynical” attitude to Lutuli. He has a great gift for language, a way of using words to express ideas with complete clarity, He can “untie mental knots.

Tambo and Mandela never got on well together. Turning prisons into a market opportunity could open them up to corruption.

Remembering Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: 7 Quotes – This Is Africa

But that’s risky since he is easily recognized. I think I came to sohukwe conclusion only after going to prison. I remember him at one meeting around the time of the Defiance Campaign. The imagery he painted in some of his speeches depicted natural phenomena or nature, and the descriptive terms he used left indelible impressions on his audiences. You couldn’t blame him for being grateful to these men.

The matron wouldn’t give her any direct orders; she would give the orders through another person, right in her presence. We would have “absorbed” them immediately. At least every African in Kimberley recognizes him. I said if you’re a doctor, don’t just treat the patient for his physical ailment, also send him down to join the ANC.


They were some of our strongest supporters in the Soubkwe. Give up my salary? I couldn’t sell this fully to my colleagues.

Subseries Ca – Speeches and statements by RM Sobukwe

Veronica his wife has taken the denial of the exit permit very hard. I also knew we could be sure of Sharpeville. Even P K felt this way toward Mda. It was hard for us to attack Marks. He gave us a wonderful talk that night at Bloemfontein on organization.

The second point is that this British spy agency says Pan Africanism could be discounted which clearly shows the West is against Pan Africanism and have frustrated efforts by well-meaning African leaders to unite the African continent under the banner of the United States of Africa.

Sisulu even said this openly himself to us, that what else could he do? All he needed was a chance to talk to a person, e. Oddly, he also showed seeches in jail of being a tribalist. No, I was against this. P K was expelled various times from the ANC because of being this way. He was restricted to Kimberley, banned from meeting with more than one person at a time, and from contributing to the preparation of any publication.

What did you say to young men who demanded they be given a chance to fight the whites? In this election, the roert need for representation has seen diverse candidates break barriers across America. This is going too far. In a sense, though, he is really a Titoist, that is he believes in some reconciliation of communism and national peculiarities.

He was very roert to be secretary; he never saw himself as number one. At our conference of September he kept pointing out how Mao hadn’t done such and such a thing in China.


Africa will not equivocate! It had the tradition and aura of a church.

I first met him when I was at Fort Hare. This came up in the context of how he might have fared in the U. Speecues you think progress would have been made? It is a method of safeguarding white interests irrespective of population figures. All this time that the ANC was making these unwise moves in the s, the Africanists were the only ones willing to speak up frankly and criticize.

Laughter I know what you mean.

He wasn’t in a position to appreciate the circumstances. He didn’t favor expelling the Africanists. Ironically, I think Calata proposed this clause. Ngubane really let us down.

Also Sisulu’s business was in trouble. He didn’t know what tribe they were, sobukwwe he said he remembered going through the same initiation process, with his face painted white. I don’t recall the exact sequence of events here.

One reason some Africans welcomed Indian and white support was that as of the time of the Defiance Campaign it became clear that campaigns would always end in everyone needing a lawyer and money for defense. My children have schooled in Lesotho and they speak Sotho best.