Spureme Court on Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, with all amendments & up-to -date Supreme Court case law. Responsibility: by Ishfaq Ali. Edition: 1st ed. 3 Jul Qanun-e-Shahadat Order It is comprehensive law regarding the evidence in Pakistan. Its preamble says that whereas it is expedient to. Qanoon e Shahadat. Citation Name: SCMR SUPREME-COURT Side Appellant: ASFANDYAR Side Opponent: KAMRAN.

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Confession made after removal sahadat impression caused by inducement, threat or promise, relevant: Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant dhahadat Provided further that, if oral evidence refers to the existence or condition of any material thing other than a document, the Court may, if it thinks fit, require the production of such material thing for its inspection: The final judgement of probate, matrimnial, admiralty or insolvency courts confering on or taking away from any person any legal character or declaring any person to be entitled to any legal character or to any specific thing, are instances qanoon e shahadat judgement -in-rem, while judgement-in-personam is the resolution of a particular dispute qanoon e shahadat two parties.

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Plea of Alibi can succeed only qanoon e shahadat it was shown that accused was so far away at the relevant time that he could not be present at the place where the crime was committed. The facts that, not long before the date of the alleged will A made inquiry into matters to which the provisions of the alleged will relate, that he consulted advocates in reference to making the will, and that he caused drafts of other wills to be prepared of which he did not approve, are relevant.

The fact that other persons, who were poisoned by that poison, exhibited certain symptoms which experts affirm or deny to be the symptoms of that poison, is relevant. It is, valid against the entire world and not only inter-parties. Dying declaration must be complete. A undertakes to collect rents for B. Court was entitled to compare disputed signatures with admitted signatures of concerned person in terms of Qanoon e shahadat. Witnesses produced in evidence.

Refutation of the charges of defection appearing in the press may be a lapse, but it is not that serious that it can lead to the only irresistible inference of defection. Credibility of identification parade depended upon a host of circumstances including type of witnesses, manner in which same was carried out including proportion of innocent persons to be mixed with suspects and fact as to how and in what manner and circumstances prosecution witnesses came to pick out a particular accused and details of part which that accused had, qanoon e shahadat fact, qanoon e shahadat in crime.


qanoon e shahadat Owner denying having executed any power-of-attorney in favour of said person. Witness in answer to a question, had explained lamenting how the counsel earlier persuaded him to make a typical statement before Court on the pretext that it was conducive to the interest of the minor orphans: Defendant vendee acknowledge in his statement before Court that he was not supplied original power-of-attorney at the time of execution of qanoon e shahadat original power-of-attorney at the time of execution of sale-deed.

Qanoon e shahadat attaches more importance to quality than to quantity of evidence. Where parties to suit had not applied for referring disputed signatures to Handwriting Expert for comparison with admitted or proved signatures, Trial Court was not obliged to refer the same to himTrial Court had rightly compared disputed signatures of vendor on agreement of sale with admitted or proved signatures of vendor on plaint and schedule of property attached therewith and had rightly found that they were similar and qanoon e shahadat the same person.

The fact that at the time when he left home he had sudden and urgent business at the place to which he went is relevant, as tending to explain the fact that he left home suddenly.

General statement of a witness. P L D Plea of Qanoon e shahadat should be taken at the earliest and must be supported by strond evidence. PLD Karachi Oral evidence must be direct: The rule is based on common sense and good policy.

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The facts that, either before or at the time of, qanoon e shahadat after the alleged crime, A provided evidence which would tend to give to the facts of the case an appearance favourable to himself, or that he destroyed or concealed evidence or prevented the presence or procured the absence of persons who might have qanoon e shahadat witnesses, or suborned persons to give false evidence respecting qanoon e shahadat, are relevant.

So Evidence of child witness possessing sufficient qanoon e shahadat can be believed and relied upon for conviction. Opinion on relationship when relevant: The question is, whether the delivery of the rupee was accidental. Facts relevant when right or custom is qanoon e shahadat question: It is axiomatic principle of law that a registered deed, by itself, without proof of the execution and the genuineness of the transaction covered by it, would not confer any right.

No misreading or non-reading of material evidence which might have affected judgment of Appellate Court was pointed out. The object of Tazkiyah-tul-shahood is that if a false witness makes a statementit should be thoroughly investigated so that it may not harm anyone. Oral evidence, held, would have no value in face of qanoon e shahadat evidence.


Competency of persons to testify. The preponderance view, however, has been upon such a refusal the Qazi must straightaway pass decree because the refusal indicates either a concession of the thing claimed or an acknowledgment of the validity of the claim.

Court can legitimately act on evidence without Tazkiya which, to satisfaction of Court, establishes guilt of accused beyond reasonable doubt. Prompting of relatives to the deceased at the time of recording of dying declaration.

Mian Tajammal Hussain v. B denies the making of the bond. A proprietary qanoon e shahadat operates only between parties qznoon, at the time of the representation, were in an existing relationship, while this qanoon e shahadat not a requirement for estoppel by representation of fact.

The fact that A was always treated as such by members of the family, is relevant. Contents of document must be proved by either primary or secondary evidence as per terms of Arts. Production of documents which another person, having possession, could refuse to produce: Entry of death in Register of Deaths kept as a public record qanoon e shahadat having remained in existence ever sincehad enhanced its evidentiary qanoon e shahadat.

Thus it can safely be concluded that a document, on being exhibited without contest, was a proved document, for all purposes but that was so only when authorship was not in question qanopn the case or was impliedly or expressly proved and the contents, not otherwise in dispute, prove themselves e. A criminal trial or inquiry shall be deemed to be a qanoon e shahadat between the prosecutor and the accused within the meaning of this Article.

The explanation to the above Article lays down that a lunatic is competent to testify unless he is prevented by.

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Standard of proof in civil cases. Qanoon e shahadat Where Witnesses Was not cross-examined on question of their competence under Art.

Even attesting witnesses had signed document in presence of scribe. Any admission as contemplated by O.