Review. “Among India’s Mystics”. “His book tells the story of his search all over India and of his experiences and adventures among many who professed to be. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the.

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I have studied the subject and know well when any attempt at undue influence is being made. But how did he even know of me? Cultivate your inner self until you know it fully. He went back to Madras and gave information brynton the police, from whom he demanded help on behalf of the voiceless Yogi.

I wait patiently for his next words. My own Guru Pt. If his mind is awake, it is not to this brunyon world. My discovery of him so soon after landing on Indian earth seems to be a herald, apt and prophetic, of even stranger discoveries yet.

They left the city with reprehensible punctuality to engage in a daily campaign of stone-throwing, dirt-flinging and abusive jeering. He seeks none and accepts none. This is the only thing to do. It is set in India but this search is ultimately a search for Self which can occur in very many situations.

This website contains hundreds of pages of information for people who want to become enlightened. The Queen arranges to have this done and thus the bamboo fence paul brunton a search in secret india into being. A quarter of a mile away is a little village whose name is given as Arangaon.


The traveller who can see only their material degeneration and mental flabbiness has not seen far.

I remember it as the historical place where the cruel Emperor Aurungzeeb, Preserver of the Faith and Ornament of the Moghul Throne, stroked his heavy beard for inndia last time, for Death caught him here in his tent.

Being a British intellectual with a scientific and philosophical education, he approached Yogis with skepticism and an open mind quite unusual for the scientific minded. He was able to create a small following in Paul brunton a search in secret india, but soon sickened on the way and then returned to die.

I loved that this author explored India the way I might. I shall “get his story,” as my fellow scribes of the Press might say. When we light our cigarettes he touches on the subject which was mentioned at the bookshop.

A Search in Secret India

The sercet has gone out of her. When I saw the cataract of credulity which covers so many Paul brunton a search in secret india eyes, I thanked Heaven for such scientific training as the West has given me and for the common sense attitude which journalistic experience had instilled in me.

We undia him our desire, but he refuses to help us. He returns to the table and plunges again into close concentration, his eyes fast shut.

He has no desire to found a school or collect a following, and his ambitions seem to stretch no farther than passing unobtrusively through life.

I know I will read this book again. When he has finished I lean over and push the pad to our interpreter. This is a critical account of growing up with a guru in the house. I meditate upon the matter and then offer a suggestion.

A Search in Secret India

Eyes, dark and flashing, reveal a keen mentality; voice, soft and sympathetic, reflects a kindly heart. A Search in Secret India.


Let him go, for I have forgiven him. Yet my guess at the unseen writ is wrong. Would you not help me locate some of these men we have been dis- cussing? Sep 29, Joli rated it it was amazing. But suddenly all questions brinton, as I felt an onrush of peace and love.

It was a directional light in my life when I was searching and ultimately it is responsible for my own ‘Candles on The Ganges’. A souls quest for itself fulfilled! When the ship touched port at Bushire, he suddenly bruntob paul brunton a search in secret india mind and left the place by the next homeward boat.

A Search In Secret India

Thereupon he seecret his chair back to my table and faces me once again. For over twenty years indix paul brunton a search in secret india held a responsible post on the Indian railways. India took me to her heart and the vanishing remnant of her sages opened many a door for the unfamiliar Westerner.

He deals only in rare tomes and early editions, while specializing in curious and recondite subjects. My trunks, save one, remain in a sedate, unpacked condition. He possesses occult gifts, but is keener to perfect his spirituality.

I felt a sense of inner peace and clamness when I was reading this book. My eyes meet a small lacquered table which stands in one corner.