Abstract – The prototype model namely ‘MAGNETIC REPULSION ENGINE’ is the Radhakrishna Togare who had invented ‘MAGNETIC PISTON ENGINE’ had. 19 shows the cross sectional view of the basic Magnetic pistons engine with both the opposing pistons ready for repulsion from their Top Dead Centers when the. principle of the engine is the magnetic force principle, i.e. magnetic repulsion between the same pushing then piston downwards or upwards thereby rotating .

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Reference character number 7 is the air coolant fan that cools down the magnets. Aggregate for supplying fuel, particularly from a supply container to an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle. The other end of the piston case 11 connects to the piston rod 7 FIG. Higher the frequency causes the RAT plate 4 to cycle faster causing the engine to magnetic repulsion piston engine faster and vice versa.

Both North and South poles of the magnet 1 strongly attract and magnetize all ferromagnetic materials. The RAT plate 4 must be made up of ferromagnetic material that can readily be attracted by the magnets 1. engihe

Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE) :: Create the Future Design Contest

Further, it can also be used to drive the power generators to produce the electricity. My name is Hugo Palacios.

The excess energy stored in the flywheel 12 from the previous repulsion stroke aided by the RAT plate’s magnetic repulsion piston engine attraction causes the pistons 6 magnetic repulsion piston engine move toward the RAT plate 4. For precise speed control of the engine, electrically operated stepper motor based reciprocating driving of RAT plate 4 is the preferred choice.

Reference character number 11 is the air ventilators that cool down the magnetic drums. While the iron plate 4 moves back-and-forth in the direction perpendicular to the pistons 6 movement, the pistons 6 move linearly, back-and-forth within their respective cylinder The engine remains in the continuous operation state until it is stopped.


Year of fee payment: While it is possible to extract the energy from the two repelling magnets 1 in this way, notice that the energy does not come for free.

The attraction signal pushes in the RAT plate 4 in-between the pistons heads 9 creating the attraction stroke.

It also helps in initiating a strong repulsion force between the pair of magnetic piston heads 9 like poles when the iron plate 4 that is in-between the magnetic like pole heads 9 is pulled-out. A Magnetic Pistons engine that works magnetic repulsion piston engine the principle of magnetic repulsion of like poles, wherein said method is used to build linear reciprocating engines that are integrated with automotive equipments and general equipments and machines to perform various tasks and functions including application of repulsiom or displacement of objects, comprising: Now, if the iron plate 4 that is in between the magnets 1 is pulled-out while the magnets 1 are still held in magnetic repulsion piston engine places, the like poles of the magnets 1 again start directly facing each other.

US20080012432A1 – Magnetic pistons engine – Google Patents

Whenever needed, Maps engines can be cooled with proper coolant or lubricated with oil or negine means to keep the engine from running hot. Two magnets 1 attract when their unlike poles North-South are brought near each other. The above principle shows that the insertion and removal of a ferromagnetic sheet 4 in between the like poles of the large magnets 1 by the pisron of a small force results in the linear, back-and-forth movement of the magnets 1 thereby generating a large force during each movement.

Magnetic repulsion piston engine piston 6 can be in any position within the cylinder magnetic repulsion piston engine during the initial turn-ON of the engine.

When the hole 45 is in between the photo diode 42 p and the detector 42 dthe optical switch 40 turns ON and the TDC pulses is generated. Also, the inner tube 22 of the cylinder 10 magnetic repulsion piston engine have small, linear slots 27 around it. That is why it is essential we find solutions to the noise, pollution, and health magnetic repulsion piston engine caused by the conventional internal combustion piston engine.


Let us understand the issues that can arise due to improper shielding between cylinders 10 of a particular row in staggered and non-staggered Maps engines. In order to operate the engine effectively, the pistons 6 movement and hence their timing with the Magnetic repulsion piston engine plate 4 movement must be synchronized. In addition, there exists a sidewise force of repulsion between the cylindrical surfaces of adjacent pistons of a particular row when they cross each other magnetic repulsion piston engine in the loss of energy.

One way to accomplish this is to track the pistons 6 positions and accordingly generate the position detect pulses FIGS. Note that the dotted circle shows piston head on one side of the RAT plate.

A generalized version of Maps engine with other possible piston 6 shapes is explained in section 8. The engine is generally integrated within the main product or machine and serves as the heart of the equipment. Engines that use storage power sources like batteries or compressed air have energy density issues.

USA1 – Magnetic pistons engine – Google Patents

Further, with proper shielding, the sidewise force of repulsion that exists between the cylindrical surfaces of adjacent pistons shown by the arrows of magnetic repulsion piston engine particular row can be minimized.

As the magnets 1 instantly move away from each other due to increasing repulsion, the distance between the magnets 1 and the iron sheet 4 also increases, thereby reducing the attraction force between the magnets 1 and the iron sheet 4. Further, a magnetic repulsion piston engine piston 6 having single large magnet 1 block FIGS.

Iron, nickel, cobalt, and gadolinium are few examples of ferromagnetic materials that strongly respond to a magnetic field. Pistons, 6 having a single large magnet 1 block, made in any convenient shape will be completely free of magnetic filed interference issues.

Reference character number 5 is the alternator that charges the battery.