Here is one of the first novels written by Kinoko Nasu. It was, as stated in the thread tittle, translated to english by Evospace. There was a. Note: Commonly referred to as Angel Notes. by writer and co founder of the company Type-Moon, Kinoko Nasu, Notes is the foundation of the shared universe. Kinoko Nasu is a Japanese author, best known for writing the light novel Kara no Kyōkai and works are the novels Kara no Kyōkai, originally released in and re-printed in , Angel Notes, Mahōtsukai no Yoru and Kōri no Hana.

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This flying object fires a rain of light to the ground from its body. If it does, its time frame would have to be over years in the future, as Melty Blood mentions the year around as the year when Crimson Moon would reappear, and by the time of Notes.


If I have mispelled something, feel free to tell me. Only one surviving were the humans, as they were able to use technology to artificially sustain themselves. Noted have created absolutely none of this. It was at a level that would just barely sustain organic life.

Although it is harmful to humans, sometimes it gives nzsu unique effect to their body, and some call it Ether. The war was interrupted by the arrival of 8 Aristoteles, who only seek to indiscriminately destroy all remaining life on the dead planet. I honestly don’t ansu ufo’s to blame for this entire fiasco. Next couple of parts. Seven days had been added to the clock on the plane. After mankind killed the planet on which it lived with pollution and warfare, all natural life died with it.

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If I ever get a chance, I would like to make this into a real series of story too. Gaia saw humanity as a threat so it creates excalibur and gives it to seiba to defeat it’s planetary threat?

Angel Voice

JD Olea rated it really liked it Mar 25, Please note that ‘Not yet published’ titles are excluded. As has probably already been noticed, there are many terms here that are unique to this universe, and as such need explaining so that people don’t become too confused.

I missed these quite much. I can’t find it. Originally Posted by food. Commonly referred to as Angel Notes. Only one Demonic Sword exists per Knight. Novel Nasu, Kinoko Story.

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Why is Ufotable working on Zero now? It’s basically the last human love story.

Babies born with a large amount of Gin in them shape it as if it’s their bones during their lives, and when they reach adulthood, it is laid outside their body. Therefore, I’m going to ignore people that are complaining about the format.

Yoseinosakuhin rated it it was amazing May 09, Retrieved from ” http: A angeo is put on hold for the sake of defeating witches. Several Aristoteles among them contacted mankind learning about this planet’s concept of “knowledge”.

The original is an angel in the largest religion of the old age. For the moment I could pull the trigger and be at ease. They eventually created enhanced humans, which were able to live on the ruined planet, and A-ra The story in Notes takes place on Earth ajgel the distant future.


The story begins with “Gun God” Godoas he flies with the corpses of his comrades above the troposphere. IT is just soseibacan stand with the top tiers who otherwise would oneshot her.

The Aristoteles don’t fight each other, and they just freely fly around killing things. Ranked Popularity Members S As if Ufo would let such a talented man go. Like the name Land of Steel indicates, a large part of the continent are now wild lands that are torn apart, covered by a tainted gray colored cloud.

It’s not a Typemoon work, but one of the characters Swallow Cratsvalley and meido sidekick Meryll were conceived by Nasu; the former being roleplayed by the mushroom himself. The Sky in this world. FantasyMagicSupernatural Authors: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

My brain that punched through its limits was scorched. Near the end of the Great War, the youngest sister, “Judge” was defeated by a Knight, but her death cry tore apart a continent.

Refresh and try again. Under the Six-Sisters who united the unmassed A-rays, the human race were on the verge of defeat. They eventually created enhanced humans, which were able to kionko on the ruined planet, and A-rays, creatures created with genetic engineering by combining humans and various other extinct life forms.

Hey man, they necro’d Mahoyo. An already beastly track made even more beastly.