This is an updated, expanded, freshly translated edition of Juan Tamariz’ classic. This new edition brings the magic and remarkable thinking of one of our. Tamariz’s “Theory of False Solutions and The Magic Way” is explained more clearly and fully than ever before, with detailed examples. These examples are not. The maestro himself, Juan Tamariz, is back at it again with a classic of magic. His books, The Five Points in Magic, The Magic Way, Sonata, Verbal Magic, and .

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Why do these effects work? Had him demo live.

Magic Way (Juan Tamariz) – Meir Yedid Magic

These examples are not just exercises constructed to illustrate a point. There are certainly many technically more skilful than Tamariz magicians but he has, the quality of present a magic that is not sanitized, not too perfect but or each thing is in its place to tamqriz everything natural and justified. Acar Altinsel born to perform.

This book is a wonderful travel thru magic, and whatever is juan tamariz the magic way level, from beginner to advanced magician, your magic will be much better at the end of the journey. For those who desire to get maximum entertainment and astonishment from their magic, studying The Magic Way may be the most valuable resource you will ever find. See a site map. Can’t wait for The Magic Rainbow. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Books by Juan Tamariz.

The Magic Way ($) – Juan Tamariz – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Did this review help you? Good magic leads the audience where we want them to go. I would say royalistic is better as you don’t have to move cards and it is instantly reset to start again.


Take a look at our Return Policy. He’s a deep thinker whose engaging manner conceals his exceptional cleverness. You will gain new performance pieces, polished by a master, and something even juan tamariz the magic way People compare this Poker Test 2.

For some effects, either through significant time misdirection doing something well before the audience expects the effect has begun or based on a self-working method, it appears that the mahic I perform just happens. Jan 11, Pierre Gadpaille rated it it was amazing. Needs work to fit into the walk around area. Love juan tamariz the magic way you will hte hate it you won’tit’s required watching.

Except for one time. The Pain Game by. Juan Tamariz is not your typical magician These examples are not just exercises constructed to illustrate a point.

This new edition of The Magic Way brings to magicians everywhere the juan tamariz the magic way and remarkable thinking of one of our greatest living magicians. This new edition of The Magic Tamairz brings to magicians everywhere the magic and remarkable thinking of one of our greatest living magicians.

So I urge those who bought this Penguin Live do please take note, rewatch and read Juan’s Books again. As you learn Juan’s way, your magic will then begin to light up your mind, the room, the theater and your audience in the glow of what magic really is. Of course, some people might chased for high value investment and resale value, make it look good on their bookshelf.


A beginner can do juan tamariz the magic way What makes this trick so powerful is its simplicity. As soon as the package is dispatched you’ll receive a link to track it on this page.

The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz and Hermetic Press – Book

Read our privacy policy. The day Juan agreed to let me release it to the magic community was one of my happiest days.

Or feel that you were trying to control their actions. Nov 1, Messages: It is also a highly remarkable exploration of how one of the world’s unquestioned masters of magic thinks and approaches every trick he does.

However, don’t discard and idea until you are certain you have nothing to learn from it. So, get ready to spend some time learning juan tamariz the magic way “more than cards” from the maestro himself, Juan Tamariz, right here at Penguin Live.

Tamariz also actively works to decrease tamafiz amount of perceived control he himself has over the deck. Repacking and sending to you.

It is really much more than a theory. This newly translated edition of that revised work might have been called The Magic Way Repaved. Browse Magic We are not like other magic shops: