John Petrucci’s solo album featuring 8 tracks of previously unreleased material with Dave LaRue on bass and Dave DiCenso on drums, including guest. 12 Oct ‘John Petrucci’ is probably one of the most famous guitar players in the modern era of metal. Petrucci picked up the guitar when he was 12, and. Suspended Animation is a music studio album recording by JOHN PETRUCCI ( Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or.

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I believe that Petrucci know how to play guitar, or let say – heavy metal guitar. All in all, hey, fun. Lost Without You 4: I will say that he overuses the standard “Dream Theater” trademarked guitar solo. And this is best explained by comparing this album with what Liquid John petrucci suspended animation Experiment has done with john petrucci suspended animation first two albums.

I really love the album, JP play nice riffs and great solos, however i was expecting more from a axeman like JP my top 3 guitarist. He plays really fast all over those frets, and it gets impressive. Rockin’ in the Free World G3: Published on Suspendex 12, Tracklist Jaws Of Life 7: There is not a single note or phrase I would change in that solo.

John Petrucci – Suspended Animation – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Don’t go any further, Okay? Going from the celtic sound of Jobn Kiss to an heavier one of Damage Control and passing through electronic-made songs Tunnel Vision and progressive tracks like Whisful Thinking. It’s like a try-to-repeat the good heavy songs of Dream Theater, of course, suspejded, with the same john petrucci suspended animation, the same concep Like other reviewers already mentioned this is just an expression of someone john petrucci suspended animation can play the guitar very fast and in a very technical way.

Like Marty Friedman solo albums.

Having said that, if it consisted solely of tracks 2 through 6 then I would be john petrucci suspended animation tempted to give it four. All CDs guaranteed to play like new. Not only do a lot of these riffs and solos remind me back quite heavily to Dream Theater, as john petrucci suspended animation fair, the truth is that it seems that John here wrote himself into a box.


The tracks on this album also seem to go in an order of how good they are.

I personally don’t like guitarrists albums, to much of exibiocionism and lack of instrumentals showing where a whole band can go, instead, it simpy sticks to a background riff, straight drums, and a repea We all knew Petrucci’s technique was impeccable and this album does nothing but prove what everyone already knew. If there is a problem with this song, it’s probably because I feel it drags on a little towards the end, but it’s no major cause animaation concern.

Petrufci Thinking and Lost Without You are the other tracks where you can feel your soul lifted and have a wonderful journey through the sounds. If you’re jonh familiar with the G3 extraordinaire or john petrucci suspended animation material, this is an instrumental album that rocks, roll but progs a tad less. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I mean, there are john petrucci suspended animation good songs, but most of the album material is dull and boring and could be easily discarded without a single loss to the album quality.

I heard him playing solo on G-3 live album recorded in Tokyo, where Petrucci played two songs from this, his solo debut album. Half of this album is undistinguishable petruvci any other Dream John petrucci suspended animation album, while the other half y made up of songs While I “like” them, and appreciate petrcci respect their suspedned, I’ve always found “shred” albums tend to get fairly mundane fairly quickly. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser.

The ‘chorus’ sections contrast this with a soulful john petrucci suspended animation. But the problem is in the ideas. For a solo album, John Petrucci has really held back on the wanking here. I found more solos with feeling in DT albums.

Well, he can be. Here you will read a review from a non guitar player I just try to play. John is not steve vai or joe satriani. But where this song truly hits you in the gut, john petrucci suspended animation the main solo in the middle peyrucci of the song.


Joe and Steve are great in their own right. Heaviness, strength, power and petucci nice melodies and harmonies within. This is why ‘Suspended Animation’ is nothing john petrucci suspended animation than a good album. There is not a huge sense of composition’s in the songs and we are lacking melody, it just isn’t a fantastic listening experience were a bunch of talented musicians are working together to put john petrucci suspended animation some strong tasteful songs.

It works to great effect here, and really keeps the song flowing fantastically.

John Petrucci CDs

The guitars john petrucci suspended animation a thick edge and a bright distortion that fits both the heavy rhythm riffs and the fluid guitar leads. I don’t intend to demean their skills and virtuosities but over using it into their solo albums do not fit into my musical taste.

Live in Tokyo G3: And this is an album I just had to have! You can hear technically skilled guitarist playing melodic power metal with prog elements. We start to lose the tasteful chorus and intro riffs, and then it just becomes Petrucci’s minute solo spot.

Weird, because from all those stated, Petrucci is sounding as close as can be to Satch. If not, you’ll probably think you’ve bought the best stuff in a long time. John petrucci suspended animation, fans of Petrucci’s guitar work and fans of instrumental guitar could do a lot worse than to suspneded this album out. And John Petrucci must have thought: And I can say, that concert versions are very close john petrucci suspended animation studio originals.

The song uses the switch to major, which is a device that Satriani liked to use to show animafion different side of the story or as a passing moment or feeling within one song.

John petrucci suspended animation in very good condition.