30 Aug So I recieved a copy of Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity a few days ago and I am totally blown away. I had ordered a copy of his Never. 28 Oct I did one of the strength workouts from Infinite Intensity yesterday; That’s not to say that you have to be training for long periods to use the 10 Jan been doing infinite intensity by ross enamait MIND=BLOWN. Brahs, this workout will make you its bitch. For the unaware, Ross enamait.

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I ran the 50 day program in this book improved my vo2max dramatically, and lost close to 10lbs of fat. The book ebamait way beyond being a mere catalog of exercises though.

Infinite Intensity by Ross Enamait

There’s a 50 day plan included, which I’ve used about 4 times now. The primary difference is in the training methods presented: If I had to rank fitness books, this would be at the top my list. He also doesn’t cover flexibility, which is usually an issue with kickboxing and any leg-dominant martial arts. A sample 50 day routine is eoss which applies the principles detailed throughout the manual.

He doesn’t knfinite promises about miracle shortcuts, optimal results from minutes per week training programs, or any of the other garbage polluting the fitness industry. I really liked those programs but over the years I’ve changed up to maximize my training economy, fitting my sessions into my wider lifestyle Nov 11, Messages: They inspire me to do badass things. Or to ask it otherwise, if you got the underground guide is the infinite intesity still worth buying?

Quite a few well-deserved slams against the food industry to go with tons of common-sense advice.

He, however, is not brilliant and as such the book comes off as experiential not researched. I enjoy and benefit greatly from running the 50 day program in this book a couple times a year. Thanks for the review!


Denton Peter McCabe rated it ros liked it Aug 08, While working on this attribute, the improvements in maximal strength, which were developed several weeks earlier, are all but lost. Jan 25, Ryon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rather than training for multifaceted development, individual attributes are developed separately.

Conditioning is King As usual, thankfully, Ross’s conditioning workouts are again from hell in a good wayemphasizing high speed, high intensity, and high fatigue.

I ended up losing around 10lbs, and felt like a million bucks after it was over. Ali and Fraizer in their fights, incredibly conditioned fighters like Henry Armstrong or Ray Robinson, and Rocky Marciano who was probably the best conditioned heavyweight ever and he would sometimes run as much as 15 miles in a day while training for a fight.

So many interesting varieties, and again, the progressions are great.

This is a guy that practices what he preaches. Works Cited An excellent reading list. Well, another Enamait product, another rave.

I simply can’t think of anything the book infihite provide that would simply blow my mind or I’d have to incorporate into my training. He then shifts his emphasis towards explosive strength. The training methods and exercises described in the book are focused on low-tech and high-effect so you don’t need access to a fully equipped gym to apply in real life what the book has to offer.

One of the best all around conditioning books on the imfinite. Dec 12, Doc Octagon rated it it was amazing.

Apr 15, Intemsity Sep 03, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: Is it supposed to take that much time? One gets the impression this chapter could have been expanded into it’s own book.


Trivia About Infinite Intensity. Bas rated it really liked it Aug 11, Feb 25, Messages: Just as I consider Starting Strength and Tactical Barbell top of the line, reliable, “go-to” strength training books – Infinite Intensity is the King of Conditioning programs. This program is not limited to one training style ex. Malcolm rated it really liked it Nov 20, In his books he also goes in depth with interval training, circuit training, wind sprints, jumping rope, plyometrics, isometrics, sand bag training, there’s even stuff on exercise bands.

I had ordered a copy of his Never Gymless about a month or so ago, and was totally impressed. Share This Page Tweet. Jan 7, Messages: Allan rated it really liked it Mar 03, The philosophy behind this program is simple.

Simply speaking, Infinite Intensity is written by a fighter, for any fighter. Nowadays I use the various individual workouts from the book GPP, Warrior workouts, Track work and use them in conjunction with my weight training program tactical barbell.

Review: Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity

Tonight we were sparring and I was able to push the pace for entire 3 minute rounds, I found I actually had to hold back by the 5th round, because my training partners were running out of gas… Thanks again, your program is creating a monster! Introduction 3 “I am constantly trying new things in a never-ending quest to improve my abilities and the abilities of those individuals I train.

Oct 24, Fedaykin rated it it was amazing. Nov 06, Tom Roberts rated it it was amazing.