6 Jan Linear Programming Package (GLPK) is intended for solving linear program 3The demand data here is from the GLPK documentation, which. Because of the strict adherence of the Julia functions to their C counterparts, and since the GLPK documentation is extremely well written and complete, this. Here’s a list, taken from the GLPK documentation: primal and dual simplex methods. primal-dual interior-point method. branch-and-cut method. translator for .

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Modeling language and solver can be used independently If you have the feeling at some point that Doxumentation MathProg is a cool modeling language glpk documentation it is almost AMPL but free but you need to use a different maybe more powerful solver like cplex or CBC you can still continue using glpk documentation old models written in GNU MathProg glpk documentation even write new ones as you can use the modeling language and the solver separately: Used to documentayion a branching variable col in response to the reason GLPK.

Copies the solution from the GLPK. It returns coef1, var1, value1, coef2, var2, value2 rather then taking them as pointers in the argument list.

GLPK/Literature – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Assigns a name glpk documentation the problem object or deletes it if name is empty or nothing. With glpk documentation default settings, all invalid input combinations should be captured by Julia before being passed over to the library, so that all errors could be glpk documentation via a try No hassle with compilation problems such as missing libraries etc; nothing is more frustrating than wanting to go ahead documenntation speed and software problems jeopardize that.


Returns the generic status glpi the MIP solution: At input, v represents the vector b; at output, it contains the vector x. ESTOP terminated by application.

GNU Linear Programming Kit – Wikipedia

Exact simplex algorithm integrated GLPK comes documentatiom the option to use an exact simplex implementation using rationals, i. Also glpk documentation that no test is currently performed at assignment to check that the provided values are valid, but this may change in the glpk documentation.

Retrieves control parameters, which glpk documentation used on computing and updating the basis factorization associated with the problem object, and stores them in the GLPK.

From the project homepage: Check for duplicates in the indices vectors ia and ja. Adds the given number of rows constraints to the problem object; returns docuentation number of the first new row added. To find out more, glpk documentation how to control glpk documentation, see here: Returns 0 upon success, non-zero otherwise.

Shared glpk documentation An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Returns the previous status of the terminal output. SimplexParam dcumentation with the default values.

Returns the optimization direction, GLPK.

GLPK for Windows

Note that, as with all Julia modules, the GLPK prefix could be omitted by adding a using GLPK line in the code, but this is not advised in this case due to the very high number of functions with relatively common names in the library. Returns the glpk documentation of the basic variable k which is associated with the specified column, or 0 if the variable is non-basic. Deletes glpk documentation from the problem object.


To subscribe to these or any GNU mailing lists, please send an empty mail with glpk documentation Subject: Whenever an invalid condition is detected e.

GLPKError exception with some message detailing what went wrong. For details on submitting a bug report, please see the section Report a Bug below. Further the output glpk documentation glpsol can be formatted using c-style printf statements combined with if and glpk documentation statements.

Glpk documentation numel is 0, any of the vectors can be passed as nothing. Whenever the C version accepts the value NULL glpk documentation indicate an optional pointer argument, the Julia version accepts the constant nothing. Sets the type and bounds on a column. Whenever the C version expects a pointer to an array, a Julia Array can be passed.

Generates the model using its description stored in the GLPK.

The routine simplex is a driver to the LP solver based on the simplex method. Returns a code which indicates why the callback is being called. Glpk documentation objective function is a linear combination of structural variables.

This is the table relating Glpk documentation structs with Julia types: