The 1/8 DIN unit is a controller with an extensive range of options. Either PID, ON/OFF or Motorized valve control can be configured, satisfying both. Contents. Issue Nov Applies to and controller software version PDS and INSTANT ACCURACY are trademarks of Eurotherm.” Issue Eurotherm by Schneider Electric Temperature Controller Programmer. See price below. 1/8 DIN panel size PID Temperature Controller. Specifications.

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Regards Jakob How does this make you feel?

Eurotherm Temperature Process Controller | eBay

Also, just wonna make sure that whether the serial port I am using is compatible. This eurotherm 2408 open a template configuration. Thanks Dimitris, I am aware that you cant run Labview and eurotherm 2408 at the same time. The Eurotherm controllers can be delivered with either RS or RS interface it’s a module that can be replaced inside the controller. If you ignore the error and continue will not eurotherm 2408 any difference as you discovered.

I might have some notes if I can find the notepad I was using at the time. Can you please tell me where did you get the vi?

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Hi James, Please try the following: The REM should eurotherm 2408 when there is a connection however I cant get it flash so I assume the problem is in connection. The reason is Labview locks the Comport thus preventing other eurotherm 2408 from using it. I know this an old thread but it come close to what I want to do.

Try This PDF:   BE500R-AS EBOOK

Do you have a suggestion why we cannot communicate with the device?

Another point to eurothdrm is that if you are using Serial communications then you cannot use iTools and Labview eudotherm the same time as the first application that connects to the eurotherm 2408 lock the COM port.

I hope this helps. Best Jakob How does this make you feel? Another solution we also successfully used was to place an Eurotherm KD converter between the RS eurotherm 2408 on the computer and eurotherm 2408 RS interface in the Eurotherm controller.

Can anyone give me a hand?

In order to change it, place the instrument in configuration mode. Regards Dimitris How does this make you feel? eurotherm 2408

Message 6 of 6. Please use iTools for the following: Use it eurotherm 2408 a guide to compare your settings. I think the crux of my problem was wiring.

Instructions for that eurotherm 2408 here: I will explain details if I get a response. I tried to compare the settings as you suggested, although my exact model was not on the list Vbut no luck I do not think I can attach eurotherm 2408 clone file in this forum.

Unless your interface card has these resistors built in, it is likely the problem why you can’t get this work. James Steele February 08, Environmental chambers Simple ratio Chemical applications Glass furnaces Eurotherm 2408 Pharmaceutical applications Plastics and Heat Treatment – Single and multi-zone furnaces Humidity Some of their features are as follows: Can eurotherm 2408 change the device to eurotherm 2408 the local setpoint instead the Remote setpoint?


I tried running all combinations of the parity None, Odd, Even and stop bits 1, 1. Do a search on RS bias resistor on the NI sites and you should get a document that explains about this.

Can you send me a clone file? You can save a clone file using iTools.

Communication with Eurotherm

eurotherm 2408 Dear All, I would eurotherm 2408 to know if 9. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. I have rurotherm Eurotherm controller and it communicates just fine with the iTools software so I know I have it wired properly. Applications Engineering National Instruments.

Eurotherm 2404/2408 Controller/Programmer

I downloaded the et2xx labview drivers and I eurotherm 2408 get either of the two example programs to work in labview. Thanks for the reply The loopback works well and the LabVIEW euritherm I am using is directly downloaded from NI eurotherm 2408 et24xx so it can be assumed that the problem is not on the code?

Then check in the vi if you are trying to write to the eurotherm 2408 Modbus address setpoint as in iTools. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Or should I buy the serial protect from NI?

OOPS, forgot to say something on how I have it wired. I am now able to read the temperature using the.