Die Elektro-, Wasser- und Druckluftversorgung der Stände erfolgt in der Regel aus Elektroinstallation. Anschlüsse . Eine Errichterbescheinigung von . ausgabeaufschlag fonds beispiel hör elektro mannheim. sonderurlaub todesfall schwiegereltern momenti hofheim speisekarte Submitted by wie folgt aus. Elektro-, Wasser- und Druckluftversorgung im Freigelände. Errichterbescheinigung von der ausführenden Elektrofachkraft ist erforderlich, wenn.

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Make sure your eleektroinstallation is complete prior to commencing installation. D und den Pluspol von Akku! Always go from fire pushbutton to fire pushbutton, from smoke detector to smoke detector and from drive to drive. Check the central unit functions properly after successful installation of all components fire pushbuttons, smoke or heat detector, drives, ventilation pushbuttons, etc.

F with negative pole of battery pack! G auf den Pluspol von Akku!

HAUTAU RAZ K Rauchabzugszentrale

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Functions Opening in the event of an emergency: Disconnect the central unit from the mains supply and open it. By setting deathman-version every automatically ventilation signals e. Verwenden Sie geeignetes Befestigungsmaterial. To guarantee a reliable emergency power supply, please check the used battery packs regularly and replace them if necessary. Please store these documents in their entirety in the central smoke exhaust unit for future reference.


Wir empfehlen daher einen Wartungsvertrag. Werden andere Antriebe eingesetzt, Anschlussplan auf der folgenden Seite beachten. Mortal danger to persons due to electricity! Manually by fire pushbutton, automatically by smoke and heat detector or third-party activation.

Make sure to observe the maximum possible connection options of the control unit. Please notify your supplier immediately in case of any irregularities.

HAUTAU RAZ K Rauchabzugszentrale |

Mortal danger by touching cables that are live. Finish by checking all functions as well as function and operation displays on the central smoke exhaust unit and elektroijstallation pivoting range of the drives. Pay attention to earth the housing!

Danger to persons due to electricity! Check if all windows open and ertichterbescheinigung opened all the way before closing the windows by pushing the Close button black in the fire pushbutton. Protect the system against unintentional re-starting. Potential crushing and cutting points between the casement and the window frame, dome lights and support frame must be secured up to a height of 2.

The red LEDs in the fire pushbutton and on the circuit errichterbsecheinigung are lit. The RAZ K has to be mounted in such a way, that it is easily accessible for the maintenance staff e.


This affects performance, material, elektroinstallatioj and the safe operation of the control unit. The wires are guided through the designated cable bushings from the top! Never wire the components of the same loop in a star configuration. Dispose of the battery packs in an ecologically desirable way acc.

Ensure a clear labelling of the wires of all components, which will be connected to the RAZ K, as well as the feeder wires of the power supply. Netzversorgung V AC einschalten und Akkus aufstecken.

The battery packs will have reached their full operating capacity after at least 10 hours of mains operation. Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems must be serviced at least once a year by a specialised SHEV company with qualified staff and in accordance with all statutory regulations building code and state building regulations.