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Verso, Rhapsody for the Theatretransl. Figures of Postwar Philosophytransl. Onto-logy and being-theretransl.

How the being of terms such as ‘multiple’ does not contradict the non-being of the one can be understood by considering the multiple nature of terminology: Nirenberg and Nirenberg write:. Truth and the Return to Philosophytransl. Serpent’s Tail, Philosophy for Militantstransl.

This situation of being and the rupture which characterizes the event are thought in terms of set theoryand specifically Zermelo—Fraenkel set theory with the axiom of choiceto which Badiou accords elogii fundamental role in a manner quite distinct from the majority of either mathematicians or philosophers.

He proposes as the solution to this impasse the following declaration: Archived from the original PDF on 11 August Badiou has written about the concepts of beingtruthevent and the subject in a way that, he claims, is neither postmodern nor simply a repetition of modernity. Verso, The Centurytransl. In he joined a study group organized by Louis Althusserde, increasingly influenced by Jacques Lacan and became a member of the editorial board of Cahiers pour l’Analyse. De quoi Sarkozy est-il le nom?

Books [ edit ] Manifesto for Philosophytransl.

On the Politics of Resistance: Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone. Badiou reasons using these conditions that every discernible nameable or constructible set is dominated by the conditions which don’t possess the property that makes deo discernible as a set.

Alain Badiou

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Archived from the original on 8 September So too does love have this characteristic of becoming anew. Labyrinth Books, New York, 6 March Jurisprudence Philosophy and economics Philosophy of education Philosophy of history Philosophy of love Philosophy of sex Elogjo of social science Political ethics Social epistemology.


It is therefore, he continues, possible to think beyond the strictures of the relativistic constructible universe of language, by a process Cohen calls forcing. Retrieved 18 June Alain Badiou is a founding member along with Natacha Michel and Sylvain Lazarus of the militant French political organisation L’Organisation Politiquewhich was active from until it disbanded in Badiou’s work is, by his own ampr, [17] an attempt to break out of contemporary philosophy’s fixation upon language, which he sees almost as a straitjacket.

As is implied in the title of the book, two elements mark the thesis bbadiou Being and Event: Times of Riots and Uprisingstransl. According to Aude Lancelin who moderated the discussion, “it came to an ideological confrontation of rare violence”.

Most significantly this use means that as with set theory there is a strict prohibition on self-belonging; a set cannot contain or belong to itself. This organization disbanded inaccording to the French Wikipedia article linked to in the previous sentence.

Unusually for a contemporary European philosopher his work is increasingly being taken up by militants in countries like India, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

Archived from the original on 28 March AlaimFrench Morocco. His view of the link between philosophy and art is tied into the motif of pedagogy, which he claims functions so as to “arrange the forms of knowledge in a way that some truth may come to pierce a hole in them”. Views Read Edit View history. A Dialogue in 16 Chapterstransl. Badiou at once embraces the traditional modernist notion that truths are genuinely invariant always and everywhere the case, eternal and unchanging and the incisively postmodernist notion that truths are constructed through processes.


In the last decade, an increasing number of Badiou’s works have been translated into English, such as EthicsDeleuzeManifesto for PhilosophyMetapoliticsand Being alaih Event. Badiou has a very rigorous notion of truth, one that is strongly against the grain of much of contemporary European thought.

For Badiou, it is by positioning oneself to the truth of an event that a human animal becomes a subject ; subjectivity is not an inherent human trait. Badiou thereby marks out a philosophy by which to refute the apparent relativism or apoliticism in post-structuralist thought. Retrieved from ” https: Set theory does not operate in terms of definite individual elements in groupings but only functions insofar as what belongs to a set is of the same relation as that set that is, another set too.

Polity Press, Wittgenstein’s Antiphilosophytransl. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Quinzomadaire d’opinion — La Distance Politique —?

Alain Badiou – Wikipedia

While Badiou is keen to reject an equivalence between politics and philosophy, he correlates nonetheless his political activism and skepticism toward the parliamentary-democratic process with his philosophy, based around singular, situated truths, and potential revolutions.

And whilst this is acceptable ontologically, it is unacceptable, Badiou holds, philosophically. In line with his concept of the event, Badiou maintains, politics alaon not about politicians, but activism based on the present situation and the baeiou [ sic ] his translators’ neologism rupture.

In addition to numerous writings and interventions, L’Organisation Politique highlighted the importance of developing political prescriptions concerning undocumented migrants les sans papiersstressing that they must be conceived primarily as workers and not immigrants.