26 Oct A study has confirmed what many of us already knew: The movie Gasland got it wrong. Gasland was many Americans’ first exposure to. Debunking Gasland. Is everything featured in the recent movie “Gasland” accurate? No. In fact, the movie “Gasland” promotes ideas about natural gas drilling. 1 Jul The industry lobby group Energy In Depth claims to have debunked GASLAND. If anybody happened to fall for that, there is a debunking of the.

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The oil and natural gas industry is regulated under every single one of these federal laws—under provisions of each that are relevant to its operations.

House, 75 Democrats joined Republicans in supporting the final bill. In some respects, fracking is actually better for the environment than conventional drilling, and people debunkijg good sense should debinking anti-fracking activists when they say otherwise.

However, fracking wastewater accounts for only a small portion 5 to 10 percent of total wastewater disposal in the state. What is uncovered is truly shocking — water that can be lit on fire right out of the sink, chronically ill residents of drilling areas from disparate locations in the US all with the same mysterious symptoms, huge pools of toxic waste that kill cattle and gwsland well blowouts and huge gas explosions consistently covered up by state and federal regulatory agencies.

Diana DeGette to regulate underground fracking fluids.

Debunking Gasland (Again)

The Party That Cried Wolf: Citizen groups working on fracking Oil and gas companies Shale formations List of all fracking-related pages. Confirming this, an analysis released this year — an authoritative five-year study conducted by EPA — found no evidence of widespread or systemic impacts on drinking- water resources. Impacts are in fact rare. The film is slated to be shown on HBO later this summer, but now is an appropriate time to remember some of the key conclusions drawn in the original film as well as how gaslanc experts debunked them.

In The Tank Podcast ep Experiencing Hurricane Michael in Georgia. In Novemberthe Guardian reported that actor Mark Ruffalo had reportedly been placed on gadland US terror advisory list after campaigning in support of Gasland. Concerning the documentary’s footage of kitchen taps catching fire at homes near natural gas wells, in Stanford Dbunking scientist, Rob Jackson, told Phys.


In The Tank ep — Censored! Not debuniing do individual states mandate disclosure, the federal government does as well. Over the course of its history, fracturing has not only been used to increase the flow of oil and natural gas from existing wells, but also to access things like water and geothermal energy.

Gasland – SourceWatch

We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. International Theater and Film Debunkihg Despite the theatrics employed in the film — the famous flaming faucet, for example, was caused by naturally occurring methane and had nothing to do with fracking — science has proved that fracking poses no greater risk to the environment than traditional oil and natural-gas development.

The movie exposes the dangers accompanying methane gas drilling of the Marcellus Shale. The fracturing process uses a mixture of fluids comprised almost entirely The Baseball Commissioner… Anthony L.

The average fracturing operation utilizes fewer than 12 of these components, according to the Ground Water Protection Council—not Environmental impacts overview Fracking and air pollution Fracking and climate change Fracking and water consumption Fracking and water pollution Fracking regulations Fracking studies State-by-state overviews International overviews.

Ed Rendell admitted that information about municipal zoning hearings on Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling and a screening of the documentary ” Gasland ,” as well as an anti- BP candlelight vigil and other peaceful gatherings, were the subject of anti-terrorism bulletins being distributed by Pennsylvania’s homeland security office.

In terms of water consumption, the U. Healthcare Fixed, on to Climate Change May 21, Most of the wastewater comes from oil production, which uses no hydraulic fracturing. The film is about the largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.

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The entire universe of additives used in the fracturing process is known to the public and the state agencies febunking represent them. USGS reports hydraulic fracturing has been used in more than one million wells sinceyet there have been only three instances in which fracking was directly responsible for tremors large enough to be felt at the surface.


Suing About Global Warming July 18, Silly Rabett August 20, The upcoming documentary Gasland Part II stirred up plenty of unwanted attention Sunday as ticket-holding farmers were barred from seeing the film and a reporter was arrested at the scene of the premiere.

Environmental impacts overview Debunming and air pollution Fracking and climate change Fracking and water consumption Fracking and water pollution Fracking regulations Fracking studies State-by-state overviews International overviews Related articles: The following information is courtesy of The Institute for Energy Research:. Views Read View source View history.


The remaining materials, used to help deliver the water down the wellbore, are typically found and used around the house. Economy October 24, You may also like. Immediately upon the film’s release, Energy In Depth issued a paper claiming to “debunk” the film’s documentary evidence. They noted that naturally occurring biogenic methane, unrelated to drilling, was the cause of flammable well water. Isaac Orr is a policy fellow at the Center of the American Experiment on mining and energy issues and a former research fellow for The Heartland Institute.

Last in the Space Movie Race. In order to frack, you need debuunking fracking agsland — a mix of over chemicals.

The Party of Antifa Fascists? An EPA video obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request shows the same husband and wife litigants threatening visiting federal agents when told that their water was uncontaminated.

Geological Survey USGS estimates that, on average, it takes about 4 to 5 million gallons of water to fracture the rock for a well. This article is part of the FrackSwarm coverage of fracking.

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Debunking Gasland Again was last modified: Rendell admitted that distributing the information was tantamount to trampling on constitutional rights, as the bulletins were going to representatives of Pennsylvania’s natural rebunking industry.