THE BOONDOCK SAINTS Written by TROY DUFFY Shooting Script: White August 28, INT. GOTHIC CHURCH A.M. ST. PATRICK’S DAY. Despite a troubled production mired by studio politics, poor reviews and a limited theatrical release, The Boondock Saints has become a. Recent Posts. Top Screenwriting Competitions of – Calendar of Dates and Deadlines on Coverfly December 21, ; Free Download.

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A smooth hitter would have gone in there, seen it was a fuckin’ wash and slipped out. That makes it a federal matter. What the fuck were you gonna do, laugh the last three to death, funny man?

That night, they receive a “calling” from God telling them to hunt down wicked men saint that the innocent will flourish. We urge you lesser forms of filth Yeah, well, I’m an expert in nameology.


An other possibility is they were placed there with religious intent. Conner, stop the car! Just roll it around a bit on your way in. So that’s our shit. Any body you think is evil? We’re fuckin’ three amateurs here! But the Italians, they aren’t convinced What did he bring him in for?

The Boondock Saints – Wikipedia

I would dare say snatch is a better film than boondock saints. By sticking that microphone in bokndock face your giving The Saints more power. You start gettin’ excited, motherfucker!

Double tap back of the head. You felt your answers would be here Later, when Connor and Murphy are celebrating St.

You’d probably have better luckwith a beer. I’m fuckin’ talkin’ to you, motherfucker! Keep the press out. That’s just not the way things happen.

We gotta get out of here! All I needed was to hear you say it. When Iraisemy flashing sword What have you got there?


The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

She just remembers going down, but judging from the burn mark on her back. Would they ever harm an innocent person, for any reason?

You guys gotta teach me that prayer. He asks the Mexican whathe wants. Duffy indicates that the screenplay was inspired by personal experience, while living in Los Angeles. You don’t fuckin’ know what you’re gonna need saibts for. And they’re not lettin’ me renew my lease. They’re scared, like two little bunny rabbits.