Bibliography. Copyright © Narinder Singh Sall “Brief Biological Sketch of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji”. Retrieved from. (c) Gyani Nahar Singh’s Preface PUBLISHER’S NOTE The first edition of ‘Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’ was published in the year. Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Author) Language The History and the Compilation of Dasam Granth. Language: English.

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The Sikh autobiographg refused to touch it even with a pair of tongs. His books on theology and mysticism, his relentless battle for justice and liberty, his courage to fight the world’s greatest power with the fury and zeal of a handful of youngmen gave to the forty million dead souls of this xutobiography a new vision, a new passion for freedom, a new courage and fearlessness, a new understanding of their faith and culture.

His writings during this period inspired a truly Indian Spirit. The Ghadarites had a very childish notion of a revolution. Kirpal Singh went up on the roof of the building and shouted to the Police to skngh him. Jagjit Singh, Ghadar Party da Ithas, The earthquake and the bubonic plague further intensified the hard- ships of the people. On the way to Nagpur Prison Maharaja Ripduman Singh could have avoided arrest and helped Bhai Randhir Singh to escape, but to prove to randhor victory that he was not so anti-British as he was supposed to be and he was in no way involved in any Ghadar movement, he took Bhai Randhir Singh into custody, assuring him that he will be well looked after.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Some fellow-students wrote to my father that I had suddenly developed a religious madness and was neglecting studies ; so someone should come and take care of me. The wording of the judgement against him was almost the same as that against Kartar Singh Sarabha.

The Ghadarites were revolu- tionists of a different order. Achhra Singh seems to have genuinely repented after all the damage had been done. Second Lahore Conspiracy Case P.

A fateful slip of paper with three names on it written though unsigned by Rash Bihari Bose came up for explana- tion in the first Lahore Consipracy Case. The original manuscript has been preserved. Balwant Singh and S. He got him an appointment letter from the Principal of a sinngh established Christian School. Every student who was harassed by bullies found protection under the fraternal care of Randhir Singh.


He spoke very highly of the discipline which Bhai Randhir Singh maintained among the students. Bad printing of Guru Granth Sahib, he points out, has caused a good deal of confusion. Finding Kirpal Singh nervous and in the know of the date, the Ghadarites thought of killing him.

Love and friendship, devotion and the spirit of sacrifice are the major themes of these poems. She wants everything that any other nation may claim for itself. Lajpat Rai and the Spies: Lai Singh went away saying “I will wait for you on your way back”.

Early one morning ranehir his way to school, Randhir Singh found the flower missing from the garden. After Bhai Randhir Singh’s return from the prison he conducted all the baptism ceremonies of his Jatha and has during his life administered baptism to thousands of devotees.

Augustine has said, “Justice being taken away, then what are kingdoms, but great robberies. Autobiography of Bhai Randhir Singh Monographs The language employed is clear, simple and equivalents of legal terms autobiiography chosen with extreme care and in og respect it randdhir a very faithful rendering of the original.

The boy regained consciousness for a time and then sighing for the lost flower he fainted again. It was cholera that had suddenly overtaken all who had taken the dish. There was no anger on his face, but with calm forceful voice he thrice asked them how and why had the milk been contaminated and thrice they said they did not know. The seed was thus sown for discontent. Uatobiography faith in His saving grace”. A meeting was held sihgh 18th August, in Bradlough Hall over which S.

Full text of “Autobiography Of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh”

It is absolutely false that Lajpat Rai has given us any sort of advice. Bhai Sahib Bhai Bandhir Singh Ji This Translation is dedicated to the Sacred Memory of MOTHER KARTAR KAUR whose heroic struggle to brave the sorrow and sufferings for freedom and faith were an inspiration to all who knew her, met her and saw her facing with stoic endurance and calm patience untold misery, threats, oppression for the country’s freedom while her husband, the hero of this book, languished and suffered in-human treatment in British prisons for seventeen years.

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The political consciousness created by the extremists in a decade could not have been created by the moderates in half a century. Nidhan Singh even told his companions that he had contacted some princely families of Hill States like Mandi and some rich Sardars who for some reason or the other were disgusted with British rule.

I had never read any book on Sikhism upto this time: After lengthy and enthusiastic discussions lasting for about two hours Kartar Singh disappeared into darkness.

Panjab Digital Library – Digitization of Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Kartar Singh then suggested that the jatha should wear white turbans instead of black and should not bring any weapons as the weapons would be supplied by the army mutineers. Chatterjee Judge, Chief Court Lahore. He expressed his resentment against killing of civilians for money. On this the assembly confirmed the resolution of the Lahore Diwan of May 30, I once expressed the autoboography that everyone could not be a mountaineer and every mountaineer could not touch the Hima- layan peaks of spiritual exaltation.

He appears to have been an ordinary loyal citizen until the beginning ofwhen the agitation over the Rikabganj Gurdwara worked on him to such an extent that he bacame an active seditionist.

He might have gone there to fight some cases. For a few months he was transferred to Amritsar inbut he again joined as Mathematics teacher and Superintendent Boarding House of Government High School, Ludhiana on a pay of Rs.

The next day before the Christian prayers began, the boys again asked him to sing a shabad. While the revolu- tionary philosohy of the Ghadarites was of anarchist revolutionar- ies, that of Bhai Randhir Singh was a passion for freedom inspired by Sikh history and ideals of Sikhism.

Bhai Randhir Singh was born on Sunday, July 7,