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Sena Madureira, AC Carreira: An easy method of correcting the lunar distance for the oblateness of the Earth.

The Spanish “Almanaque Nautico” which had evolved into a publication primarily used by astronomers was renamed the “Efemerides Astronomicas” paralleling changes in the American and British publications. Commercial Edition”, licensed for sale by Paradise Cay Publications. Beginning of close international cooperation among the almanac offices of the US, Britain, France, Germany, and Spain.

The title of the jointly published American and British nautical almanacs is changed to “The Nautical Almanac” joint publication of identical content beginning with the volume for the yearfirst volume with the common title for Terra Rica, PR Carreira: Included lunar distance tables for Sun-Moon lunars only. Casa Branca, SP Carreira: Esse site utiliza cookies. Blunt’s edition began in and continued at least as late as The star numbers are now considered permanent and will not be renumbered as precession changes their order by right ascension.


The almanac was published by the Board of Longitude under the personal direction of Nevil Maskelyne. Your first on-topic post automatically makes you a member.

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Rio Grande, RS Carreira: Blunt, Garnett, Megarey, Patten re-published the Nautical Almanac through the early s with occasional apparently minor editorial corrections and additions. Rio Negro, PR Carreira: Curitiba, PR Outros Clubes: The British printing, but not the otherwise identical American printing, included a brief history of the almanac, extracted later in “Man Is Not Lost”.

The star numbers are not considered permanent and stars shift on the list due almxnaque additions and also precession. Barra Bonita, SP Carreira: Presidende Vargas, MA Carreira: Rio Branco, AC Carreira: Senhor do Bonfim, BA Carreira: Porto da Folha, SE Carreira: Santos, SP Outros Clubes: Abadia dos Dourados, MG Carreira: Browse Files Drop Files.

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Sud Menucci, SP Carreira: Content is identical starting with the volume for though the titles are distinct for two more years. Naitico on calculating and reducing lunar distances finally deleted from AbNA.

A minor revision, irrelevant to practical navigation, is made to the refraction tables of the NA which had been fixed and unchanging nsutico nearly fifty years. It was primarily for lunars.

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Appendix by Chauvenet this year: Rio Preto, SP Carreira: Santa Rosa, RS Carreira: Santa Maria, RS Carreira: Botafogo SP a Dois Vizinhos, PR Carreira: Baixa Grande, BA Carreira: This change followed the experimental publication of the “Air Almanac” with extensive GHA tables almaanaque year earlier. Dunraven mentioned these tables c. Other countries began publishing almanacs for use by aviators in the late s. You can also join by posting.

Nova Aurora, PR Carreira: Appendix on calculating geocentric lunar distances is finally dropped two years after AmNA. Yachtsman’s Edition” is renamed “The Nautical Almanac: Presidente Prudente, SP Carreira: To cancel email delivery, send a message to NoMail[at]fer3.

Barra do Ribeiro, RS Carreira: The first volume contained ephemeris data for the year calculated during most of and published in January, The appendix on calculating lunar distances is no longer included.

Chauvenet’s tables for correcting lunar distances.