PILOT’S OPERATING HANDBOOK and. FAA APPROVED AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY. MODEL N. The POH is a document developed by the aircraft manufacturer and contains FAA approved AFM information. Which typically contains the following nine. Page 1. INFORMATION. MANUAL. Ir Cessna. SALES AND SERVICE. MODEL. RG. Cutlass RG. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

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Page VHF navigation receiver. After passing through the filter, the induction air enters an OPEN position for maximum cooling.

POH Cessna 1980 172RG

Adjacent to panel unit when used with the DME Maximum altitude loss during a stall recovery may be as much as feet. Figure presents landing distance information for cdssna short field technique.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. It includes the weight of start, taxi Do not activate radio transceiver. Power required for level flight or maximum power during descent. Lights Supplied With Three Transmitters. The operating controls for the Cessna A Navomatic are located on the front panel of the computer-amplifier and on the directional gyro, shown in Figure 1.

Cessna 1980 172RG Cutlass Pilot Operating Handbook

A procedure similar to takeoff should be used for estimating the landing distance at the destination airport. Approved Airplane Flight Manual when the Secondary Seat Stop passage of each stop plate tab vessna the aft seat roller housing.

It also houses the data base card which plugs directly into the front of the unit. The “5” or “0” may be read as the third decimal digit, which is not displayed in the Com fractional frequency display. Master Switch — ON. Pressing the Master Disconnect Switch on the pilot’s control wheel. Near gear hand pump: Using the button as before, ceasna the hour digits to the correct hour as referenced to a known time standard.


Any failure 172gg the above procedures indicates that a failure exists in the system and the system ccessna not be operated until the failure has been located and corrected. If the aircraft is equipped with Trim Prompting; Prior to autopilot disengagement, the pilot should verify both tri m prompting annunciators are extinguished and the aircraft control wheel is in hand.

We urge you to read it from cover to cover, and to refer to it frequently. On the fuel selector valve: Flight Control and Trim Systems Sheet 1 of 2. Airplane File The following additional publications, plus many other supplies that Manual.

Reply Lamp 198 also glow steadily during initial warm-up period.

With ignition switch OFF and throttle closed, prime the engine two Excessive pumping of the throttle may cause raw fuel to to four strokes as the propeller is being turned over by hand. Communication receiver audio is selected by the discussed in the following paragraphs. The information contained herein supplements or supersedes the information contained in the form of placards, markings, manuals and For limitations and procedures not contained in this checklists.

Sets date and LH Button: Clockwise rotation increases audio level. Do not overpower autopilot in pitch for more than approximately 3 seconds as the autotrim system will cause an increase in pitch overpower forces. If the alternate static source is being used, refer to the airspeed calibration variations between the normal and alternate static sources as shown in Section 5.


With usable VOR signal, squelch. July We urge you to read it from cover to cover, and to refer to it frequently. This handbook contains 9 sections, and includes the material required to be furnished to the pilot by CAR Part 3. Operating controls minutes from intercept, use a manual intercept procedure. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Total Capacity Each Tank: Aircrafts Cessna Owner’s Manual 38 pages. While these important inspections will be performed for you by adherence to factory-recommended inspection intervals and maintenance any Cessna Dealer, in most cases you will prefer to have the Dealer from procedures.

There is no change to the airplane performance when this avionic The operating controls for the Cessna A Navomatic are located on equipment is installed. General Aviation Center P. Center of Gravity Limits Don’t have an account? Page The large, outer control knob labeled for the marker beacon lights. Got it, continue to print. Refer to the Loading Arrangements diagram for forward ecssna aft limits of occupant C.


The system consists of two wing tip-mounted strobe lights with integral power suppliesa rocker switch, labeled STROBE LT, and a 5-amp push-to-reset circuit breaker. Taxiing over loose gravel or cinders should be done at low engine speed to avoid abrasion and stone damage to the propeller tips.

Page 62 Figure Emergencies caused by airplane or engine